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Become an Operator

Operator Course 

This 45-hour course of Bethel House training Institute in Wichita, Kansas is designed for those wishing to provide administrative oversight for an assisted living or home plus facility. This course is completely online and work at your own pace. After the course is over, you do have to come to Wichita, KS to take the State Exam.  

To enroll in this course, the student must have one of the following:

                • A Bachelor’s Degree
                • An Associate’s Degree in a Healthcare-Related Field
                • A High School Diploma/GED and 1 Year Healthcare-Related Experience

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to apply to be a certified operator.

COVID Vaccine NOT required to enroll!

NO additional fees if you are NOT vaccinated


September 18th - September 30th (3 Spots)

October 2nd - October 16th (6 Spots)

October 17th - October 31st (9 Spots)

November 1st - November 15th (10 Spots)

November 16th - November 30th (10 Spots)

December 1st - December 15th (10 Spots)

December 18th - December 31st (10 Spots)


This class has open enrollment up until the last 4 days of class.


Online Course Fee: $650

*INCLUDES All Materials & State Exam*

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