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Providing High-Quality Education to Produce Qualified Medical Professionals

Committed to Training Students to Become Professionals

The Bethel House training Institute in Wichita, Kansas is on a mission to provide compassion and excellence in caregiving. We achieve our goals through dynamic, comprehensive, specialized, academic, and applied 21st-century healthcare education programs of study.

Our results speak for themselves. The students we teach have successful careers as nurse assistants, medication aides, and home health aides. 


Our vision evolved out of the realization that society increasingly needs highly competent, dedicated healthcare professionals who are committed. The founders of our institute recognized this essential societal need and responded by creating a post-secondary training institute.

Through a combination of academic and applied skills-oriented learning activities, learners gain knowledge and skills spanning a broad scope while also being exposed to specialized content. The institute’s curriculum focuses on providing high levels of educational resources and skills acquisition. All of which come to fruition embodied in various careers for nurse assistants.

With a central focus on the holistic approach to each student’s educational, professional, and personal development, the highly qualified, credentialed faculty of Bethel House leads by example and guide all learners along their educational journeys. Our graduates are prepared to provide a professional commitment to caregiving, which will continue to meet the health needs of an increasingly diverse public.

Our philosophy emphasizes service to the community through contributing to an increased quality of life as our graduates create enhanced levels of caregiving. The great value of the residual wellbeing of society provided by our graduates represents our service-centered mission. 

Core Values 

Our genuine, warm, and sensitive providers demonstrate empathy, respect for their selves and their colleagues, and maintain a high level of self-esteem. Each member of our team uses excellent communication skills that elicit personal growth on the part of our patients as well as our colleagues.

Critical Thinking 

Our self-directed providers make decisions based on self-reflection, contextual rationales, and reasoning within their scopes of practice. These caregivers are open-minded and creative when confronted with a variety of challenging situations. They have the confidence and courage to take reasonable risks when appropriate for the positive outcome of the patient.


Our nursing care providers are nonjudgmental. We understand, are sensitive to, accept and respect the diversity as well as the human spirituality of each patient and the communities in which they live. These providers restore and promote healthcare for their patients throughout their lifespans and demonstrate cultural empathy.

Information Management and Technology 

We are aware of, understand, and utilize functions and applications of basic data collection techniques, tools, and systems.

Safe Practice

Our responsive providers demonstrate clinical excellence and the highest quality in patient care.

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