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Certified Nurse Assistant Refresher
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Checklist done on a weekly basis to update your CNA license 
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This course is designed for CNA's who have not met the requirements that they be employed to perform nursing tasks in the past 24 consecutive months.
This course consists of five hours classroom training and five hours of simulated laboratory training. The following topics are all covered in the classroom portion of the course:
1. The CNA's responsibility in health care delivery
2. Meeting Resident Needs: Communication
3. Meeting Resident Needs: Resident Rights, including issues involving Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation, and culture change
4. Meeting Resident Needs: Safety, including the Heimlich maneuver
5. Meeting Resident Needs: Infection Control, including handwashing
6. Meeting Resident Needs: Basic nursing skills, including measurementand recording of vital signs
7. Meeting Resident Needs: Personal care skills, including feeding,bathing, dressing, elimination needs, skin care; transfers: positioning and turning.
8. Meeting Resident Needs: End of life care
9. Meeting Resident Needs: Care of the cognitively impaired resident
10. Meeting Resident Needs: Basic restorative services