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Certified Medication Aide
With a 100% Pass Rate since 2009, you too, can become a Certified Medication Aide!
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Become a CMA in less than a month- new flexible classes for the working CNA.
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Day - 8:30am - 1:30pm
M-W-F 3days per Week
11 class days and 3 clinical days
Complete this class in 15 days!
Sept. 11th - Oct. 13th 
    Oct. 23rd - Nov. 30th
    Dec. 4 - Dec. 22nd
       Accelerated Course!!
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Hybrid CMA Class schedules: 
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Oct. 23rd - Nov. 30th 
Dec. 4th - Jan. 12th
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Jan. 15th - Feb. 16th
             (18 Spots)

 Evening class - 5:00pm - 8:30pm  
Every Mon, Wed,  Thurs  12 class & 3 Clinical days  
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Oct. 30th - Dec. 1st 
(3 Spots)
  Jan. 15th - Feb. 16th
            (12 Spots)
  Feb. 26th - Mar. 23rd
            (18 Spots)

(All classes are subject to enrollment; classes that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements will be canceled)
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  • Scrubs (S, M, L, XL, and XXXL included)*
  • State Registration Fee
  • State Testing Fee
  • 100% Refund Guarantee!!
This course will teach students the role and responsibilities of a Certified Medication Aide. Students will learn the legal and ethical aspects of administering medications, the different forms of medications, preparation of medications, recording and observation of medication administration. Students will also learn to read a prescription and mathematically calculate the correct drug dosages for administration. Students will review the Kansas Adult Care Home Regulations and how they apply to a CMA.
Students are prepared during the theory/ lab phase of the course to perform medication administration by various routes to residents in long-term care facilities, under the direction and supervision of a licensed nurse. Students participate in a minimum of twenty-five hours of hands-on experience in a long term care setting and simulated lab to assure students’ eligibility for the Kansas Medication Aide certification examination.
The course is designed to enable students to gain employment upon graduation as a CMA and to make informed decisions on career objectives through education. This course meets all federal and state requirements for education and training of a Certified Medication Aide.
Must have an active CNA certificate
Take the ASSET 8th grade level reading exam (taken at Bethel)
All clinicals will be done on first shift, 6am -2:30pm for AM class & Weekend classes 6-2:30pm
The eve class has clinicals from 2pm - 10pm